Womanium is an organisation created to encourage and empower young girls and women in Science, Technology, Mathematics, Engineering, Education and Enterprise.

In the last 100 years, women have aimed for and attained much across the globe, and within the last 40 years, women have entered and also graduated in greater numbers from universities and colleges. Still, the percentage of women in STEM+Entrepreneurship is marginal, despite all the educational parity reached at the school, college and university levels.

Womanium was established to change precisely that, and much more!

Womanium aims to expose, encourage, support, guide, fund and create more females in the STEM+Entrepreneurship fields.

"The next best thing to being the next great woman scientist is to discover the next great women scientists; and support, nurture and fund them!" —PRACHI VAKHARIA (Founder & Funder of Womanium)